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My work is rooted in the idea that art creation, my personal therapy, does not need to be a beautiful piece of toxic trash.  I want my work to be created with materials that align with my ideals, that align closer with the Earth as opposed to against it or extractive of it.  After I began foraging and placing myself in nature, it exposed the endless offerings of our natural environment.  This way of working infuses thousands of years of history that both expose and possesses humanity’s existence.  The good, the bad and the neutral.



My core materials are hemp, wool, alpaca, plants, food waste, wood, found objects and repurposed/recycled items.  I use these materials to create complex and textural works of art through the processes of weaving, natural dyeing, sewing, quilting and assemblage.  The works of art are created to be ephemeral in nature.  They are made of nature, pay homage to nature and act as a mediary between humans and the natural world.  



I am deeply motivated by the ideas of contradiction, duality, plurality, biocentrism, interconnectedness, birth, life and death.  I view these concepts through personal experience and a polycultural lens. These concepts are further obscured through visual abstraction as I remain motivated by the history of land and cultures from the past, present, and future. 

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