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Neil Goss’s work is rooted in the research and development of sustainable art processes and materials.  After pursuing an independent project on backstrap weaving, he was exposed to a new world of art production. This project unveiled natural dyeing and the inherent value Earth offers to all living entities. It was then that Goss began viewing the Earth as unlimited art supply, working with materials and processes that align naturally. This way of working infuses thousands of years of history that both exposes and possesses humanity’s existence.


By utilizing backstrap weaving and natural dyeing, Goss creates statements about consumerism attempting to challenge the productive norm. His works are made of hemp, wool, alpaca, foraged plants, clay and elements of unavoidable consumer materials such as drywall, house paint, and thumb tacks. And although these materials have a global historical context, they are now seen as items of subversive action that result in installations, sculptures and performance.


The ideas of contradiction, duality, biocentrism, and interconnectedness are all viewed through a polycultural lens. These concepts are further obscured through visual abstraction by Goss who remains motivated by the history of land and cultures, from the past, present, and future. 

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